"This blog, an online sanctuary, is where I'll share my dream interpretation insights."

Hi there! 

Welcome to my dream-laden corner of the internet, I’m Emily and I am your “Dreamdoc”. I write most of  the content on this dream interpretation site.

I’m in my late 40s and I’ve been drawn to unraveling the enigma of dreams forever. And now, I want to share this journey with you. As a compassionate soul, I’m eager to support you in deciphering the hidden messages of your dreams, and as a psychology major, I believe I’ve got the expertise to do it right.


(And if you’re wondering by now, yes this image of me is AI powered. Why not use technology even when you are getting older? Besides I wanted to give this site a more modern touch.. oh and I think it makes me look good ☺️)

Dreams have intrigued me since childhood; their vivid landscapes captured my imagination. That’s why I pursued a psychology degree, diving deep into the human psyche. I’ve explored Freudian, Jungian, and various other dream theories, honing my skills to interpret dreams accurately.

Soar Beyond the Stars and Embrace the Dreams That Guide You!

Aiming to empower you with self-discovery and personal growth, we’ll make sense of the labyrinthine dream world together. By understanding your dreams, you’ll unveil the inner workings of your mind, tackle emotional hurdles, and even find solutions to life’s dilemmas.

Here, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of dream-related knowledge: symbolism, dream recollection techniques, interpretation methods, and more. Besides, I’ll open up my dream journal, sharing stories and analyses, and occasionally, I’ll have guest experts sharing their wisdom.

So, come along, let’s journey into our subconscious realms. Unearthing hidden messages and transformative truths, we’ll delve deep. Share your dreams, ask questions, and join the conversation as we unravel the mysteries of dream interpretation. Welcome aboard, and may your dreams guide you!

Ps.: If I am not writing on here, I am usually taking care of my 2 dogs, or tending my ever growing interest in gardening. I live in Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be exact. 

You can reach out to me over at my contact page or simply email me at: emilybleak75 at gmail.com

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